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The breadth and depth of our integrated network means that you get the support that suits your particular need.


Linxcare is a bespoke transition solution created to support young people to live a valued lifestyle within the community. Our supported living and domiciliary care programmes help young people all over the country to live more independently in their own home.

We focus on building young people’s confidence, encouraging them to discover new skills and interests. Friendly staff support individuals, involving them and their families with the assurance that help is never far away when it’s needed.

Linxcare’s supported living programme provides young people with the stability and confidence to grow, take more control of their lives and build a full and happy future.

As a care provider, we work together to adopt a holistic approach based on the assessment of individual needs informed by each young person’s wishes and feelings. Linxcare will support each young person reach their own individual hopes and aspirations.

Linxcare Supported Living Flyer

Linxcare is a bespoke service created to support individuals living an independent lifestyle within the community

With Linxcare Supported Living service we will help you:

  • Find a home where you want to live and support you to find house mates
  • Find staff to support you in the community and plan your days
  • We will support you through transition.


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