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The breadth and depth of our integrated network means that you get the support that suits your particular need.

I&A Services

I&A Services offer placements for young people from across the UK displaying behavioural and emotional problems who require at short notice an immediate assessment of needs alongside a recommended transition plan.

We have a team of skilled individuals who understand the approaches to take when addressing extreme behaviours. Our experienced therapy, education and care team have all worked with young people in crisis in the past and are fully aware of the challenges this presents. Structured around a programme of education, outdoor pursuits and personal development, I&A’s model is the result of combined ideas, experiences and expertise.

Having seen these strategies work before within our Emotional Behavioural Disorder (EBD) teams, we have modified our offering to reflect the immediate needs of individuals. We ensure the best practices from our EBD teams’ success with young people in crisis are delivered in the most appropriate manner. Our unique service provides young people with a high-quality placement that isn’t just a stopping point, but the start of a more permanent plan for their future.


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