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Individual Care
for young people

Staff provide a placement that offers assessment with good support, praise and respect for families.

Family Guardian

Residential support

We work closely with families, NHS professionals and all those involved directly in care provisions for children and young people with learning or physical disabilities, learning difficulties, complex health needs, autism and challenging behaviour.

We take time to understand the individual physical and emotional needs of every child and their families before recommending a new home.

A place that feels like home

We offer a comfortable, homely environment where, with the right care and dedicated support, every child and young person can fulfil their potential.

Every child and young person is individual and unique in their needs, as is our approach to planning and caring for them.

We take time to explore every issue that affects an individual and provide a nurturing environment in which their needs are met.

The interests, well-being and future of every child and young person are at the heart of what we do. We have integrated the Government’s Every Child Matters framework into the care we provide to children and young people.

We offer one-to-one care and continuous support in the development of every child and young person in our care, we do this by:

  • Balancing the needs of the individual child or young person while developing the social dynamics of the community in which they live, to help every child develop skills and independence to take them positively into adulthood
  • Providing every child with educational and learning opportunities that enables them to meet their full potential
  • Taking an active approach to learning and living where children are supported and encouraged to participate in a range of social and leisure activities
  • Supporting the development and improvement of daily living skills
  • Encouraging contact with family and others in accordance with their care plan
  • Taking the emotional needs and wishes of every child or young person into account when planning their care
  • Understanding and addressing individual needs in terms of age, gender, race, sexuality and disability, as well as meeting specific cultural and religious needs
  • Providing the opportunity for every young person to experience stability, a sense of belonging, and the ability to explore and celebrate their own identity
  • Supporting every child to learn the skills they need to move on positively to adult living

Residential support – Case study

Names have been changed to protect identities.

Abdi lives in one of our care homes. He arrived here three years ago as a wheelchair user.

Abdi was in low spirits because his condition prevented him from taking part in community activities.

However, three years on, with the encouragement and support of our staff, he no longer uses his wheelchair and can do the things he once longed to do.

He enjoys long walks, socialising with others and can manage his own personal care.

Abdi is happy and settled here and is learning independence skills to provide him with a positive transition into adulthood.


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