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The breadth and depth of our integrated network means that you get the support that suits your particular need.

Supported living

Our supported living and domiciliary care programme helps people all over the country from all walks of life to live more independent and happy lives. We actively encourage the discovery of new skills and interests, supporting individuals in the community in homes they may already rent or own.

Our programme provides support for people with:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Severe physical disabilities
  • Autistic spectrum conditions
  • Complex needs
  • Mental health problems
  • A history of drug or alcohol dependency

Becoming part of the community is central to our programme, job seeking or playing a part in local voluntary activities are some of the things that we promote and encourage. Developing relationships are supported through good and difficult times.

Everyone has a common set of needs, we also have an expert and deep understanding of the different ethnic minority and faith groups. For example, helping you get to your local place of worship, or any dietary needs that are required.

We have years of experience making supported living work. There is a choice from a variety of options for the type of support tailored to specific needs. We also have a huge range of flats, houses, bedsitting rooms, community cluster schemes, fully staffed hostels and crisis interventions projects; all available across the UK

We have a team of inspectors in our Quality and Performance Team. They are all social workers, nurses or ex-CQC inspectors and they spend all their working time making sure that our services and support programmes are of the highest standards. People in our care say that we work hard to be the best at what we do – we always strive to be better.

Supported living – Case study

Matt’s Story

Names have been changed to protect identities.

Matt lives in London as part of the supported living care programme. He has a learning disability and is slowly regaining the confidence he lost following a long illness.

Before he entered supported living, Matt was struggling to cope in his previous flat and was in low spirits after being forced to take a lot of time off work.

The supported living care programme allows Matt to continue to exert his independence but at the same time have access to support and guidance.

On moving to his new home, Matt was given advice on how to organise his affairs and assigned a key worker who helped him arrange and decorate his living space and facilitate the move.

Matt, who enjoys socialising and making new friends, is happy and settled in his new home.

His needs are supported and there is also a prospect of him returning to work which, for him, is very important as it gives him a sense of purpose.


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Our Solutions Network

  • We promote independent living and care that respects young people’s rights, choice, privacy and dignity. Our philosophy is to place the needs of our young people at the centre of the service we provide.

  • For over 20 years Branas Isaf have been delivering an outstanding integrated model of education, therapy and therapeutic care to young people who present with a specific range of complex interpersonal behavioural issues.

  • We have provided training, coaching and consulting since 1994. We specialise in health and social care, both with adults and children and have grown to become a significant quality provider of apprenticeships.

  • Franklin domiciliary support helps young people and adults with complex mental health problems or neurological conditions, to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

  • FSG (Fostering Support Group) have been placing children and young people together with foster carers for over 20 years – in fact, we were one of the first agencies to offer foster placements to Local Authorities.

  • Greenfields work with young people displaying extreme emotional and behavioural difficulties, achieving an impressive record of positive outcomes and working safely with individuals aged between 10 to 18.

  • I&A Services offer placements for young people from across the UK who require an immediate assessment of needs alongside a recommended transition plan.

  • Inspire provide residential care, short breaks and outreach for children and young people with learning or physical disabilities, complex health needs, autism spectrum disorder and challenging behaviours.

  • A bespoke transition service created to support individuals living a valued lifestyle within the community. Our supported living and domiciliary care programmes help young people all over the country to live more independently in their own home.

  • We have years of experience helping people rehabilitate after a brain injury and provide a range of services designed to meet different and changing needs.

  • One Step at a Time is dedicated to providing the highest quality outreach and semi-independent accommodation and supported living services for children, young people and vulnerable adults with a range of needs.

  • Outlook Fostering Services is an leading fostering agency that provides reliable, cost-effective, children and young people centred fostering solutions to more than 30 Local Authorities across London and the Home Counties.

  • Park Foster Care provides the highest quality of care for children and young people who are unable to live with their family for a variety of reasons.

  • Phoenix Therapy and Care provides bespoke specialist care at home for children and adults across Scotland with complex, but stable, care needs, enabling and supporting their clients to get the most out of every day.

  • The supported living and domiciliary care programme from Prestwood helps people all over the country to live more independent and happy lives. With the confidence to discover new skills and interests, support is never far away when it’s needed.

  • We offer education, residential and domiciliary care for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders, physical disabilities and complex needs.

  • We provide education, residential care, autism services, community support and post 16 programmes for children and young people. We also provide housing services for local authorities across the UK.

  • St Michael’s offers community based supported living and outreach services for young people and adults with mental health issues, learning difficulties, acquired brain injury, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

  • We offer specialist short- and long-term respite, shared care and palliative care foster placements for children and young people with learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, hearing and visual impairments, and children with physical disabilities, genetic disorders and life-limiting conditions.

  • Uplands caters for people aged between 18-65 who may be informal guests or detained under the Mental Health Act. A majority of the residents at Uplands are people who have been living with serious mental illness most of, if not all of their life. With an experienced and qualified staff team, we work towards independence, community living and mental health recovery.