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I’m really happy with the opportunities I have been given especially as I now have the confidence to go out and socialise on my own. I can enjoy many activities without needing staff support.



I understand that you only provide residential care but my son really wants a place of his own?

CareTech provides the full range of social care services for people with learning difficulties and a variety of services, including independent supported living for people with mental health difficulties. We are often praised for our transition services, supporting people who want to move away from residential options.

Can people purchase services direct or do they have to go through social services?

Yes of course people can purchase direct from us and we have special arrangements for people in receipt of direct payments. Several of our service users are responsible for self-directed care. Generally however social services will need to be involved and we welcome our care management colleagues to visit and evaluate our services as often as they wish.

You say that you are publicly listed but I am unsure what that means?

That’s understandable because CareTech is the only publicly listed company that specialises in this area of work. We are registered at the London Stock Exchange as a company that members of the public and institutions can invest in. The Stock Exchange authorities require all listed companies to comply with very stringent rules about honesty, integrity and financial probity.

CareTech is known as a provider of high quality services. Does that mean that you are very expensive? Is there any point in approaching social services about a placement with CareTech?

High quality does not have to be very expensive and social workers are more interested in successful outcomes than price alone. In reality, CareTech offers good value because we deliver results for the people we support. Some other providers will be cheaper and many are a lot more expensive. Care Managers like us because we strike the right balance between delivering results and the price we charge them for the service. In addition, we would say that quality is as much an attitude of mind than anything concrete. Yes our services do look great but it staff with the right attitude that we value most of all.

What training does your staff undertake?

All our employees have to undergo an approved induction programme that includes a great many practical subjects as well as values training. No one is allowed to become a permanent employee until they have successfully completed their training. Employees subsequently have a learning book and have to do a certain amount of training every year.

To ask any questions about CareTech please contact us on: 01707 601 800.


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