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We're committed to providing the very best we can for every person to support them to grow and reach their full potential.

Responsibility and community

Our health and safety policy is in line with best practice and rigorously applied by our dedicated quality and regulation team. Our partners Acoura, previously known as Perry Scott Nash, are a leading specialist company advising us in this important policy area.

CareTech has always been committed to a fully qualified and skilled workforce. Our induction programmes are second to none and fully approved by regulators. We also offer graduate training programmes and a long term commitment to staff development.

We continue to strive for long lasting improvements to our services in a way that is consistent with the interests and concerns of our stakeholder community.

CareTech has always supported the most disabled adults and children in our society and has focussed on looking after every one of our service users. Each business therefore, has a Health and Safety policy which is in line with best practice and is rigorously applied by our staff.

To assist CareTech use Perry Scott Nash as partners to advise on this important policy area so that in this vigorously regulated area we get our Health and Safety right for service users, staff and the community.

Furthermore, throughout the Group, efforts are being made to reduce our carbon footprint through a series of initiatives. The same focus applies to community engagement as we look to support community infrastructure. Finally, our valued staff are looked after at all levels.


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