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We're committed to providing the very best we can for every person to support them to grow and reach their full potential.

Our philosophy

CareTech is a principled service provider working hard to deliver high quality care and support within a strongly person centred approach.

A philosophy is really valuable when it is backed by the group's strong policies and procedures that give life and meaning to the organisation. We also know that the commitment of staff at all levels in the company is an important ingredient in delivering what we believe. Our staff training helps colleagues to understand what they need to do in order to make a reality of our shared philosophy of care.

Our statement of principles is a commitment by Directors and given to each one of our service users.

A statement by the Directors of CareTech Group:

  • Adults, children and young people in our care will be at the centre of all planning processes and decisions about their lives;
  • Services are based on ordinary life principles, enabling individuals to develop and maintain personal independence and choice;
  • We value partnerships with the people we support, their family carers and the organisations sponsoring their care;
  • Every individual we support or care for will be helped to express their needs and preferences. They will be supported to understand their rights and entitlements;
  • The views of families will be pivotal to our approach and their needs as carers will be acknowledged and supported;
  • Cultural needs will be fully recognised and respected, leading to support which is sensitive and responsive to those needs;
  • Adults, children and young people in our care will be protected from all forms of neglect and abuse;
  • We will help users to stay healthy and have their health needs dealt with promptly and sensitively;
  • Adults, children and young people in our care will be supported and encouraged to take part in activities they choose, in the community in which they live. This will include work, education, recreation and leisure in ordinary everyday settings;
  • Information will be provided in ways that are accessible and we will help users of our services to understand the information that concerns them;
  • Service users and their family carers will be involved in an independent quality audit process that ensures the continuous improvement of service delivery; and
  • Recruitment of staff will ensure that people are supported by those with the skills and personal commitment to deliver responsive and effective care.


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